What we can offer Suppliers


Finewood Marketing can offer suppliers a wide range of services and expertise. With our technical skills and market knowledge, suppliers can be confident that a partnership with Finewood Marketing will increase sales and reputation.



Finewood Marketing know our buyers needs and can represent suppliers to promote a variety of products to our ever increasing customer base.


Local representation

Finewood Marketing are great believers in the value of local knowledge, which is why we have experienced representatives in several of our main source areas.



Finewood Marketing recognise that one of our most important functions is to provide clear, regular and informative communications between our suppliers and their customers, ensuring that both parties know precisely what each others needs are.



Here at Finewood Marketing we offer suppliers technical support and advice on issues that may affect your factory and products. We also update our suppliers regularily on any changes to the UK and European standards and legislation, how these may affect your business and advice on how to adhere to the new regulations.


We are constantly widening our customer base and can offer suppliers regularity of business, which in turn strengthens supplier relationships. Please contact us today to talk to our dedicated team about how we can help you.

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